Honda CBF1000 2010

 Motomodif: Renewed the mill km Golden Wing. Brand new look for Honda CBF1000, also confirmed the ST version with ABS and combined braking

Honda CBF1000 2010 is presented on the web at dawn and arrives dell'Eicma renewed in look, keeping the essence of excellent tourer versatile and reliable. The CBF1000 has been conceived as a performer sport can offer convenience, elegance and performance like no other bike in its class. His versatility has allowed renewed rise to a new dimension. His strengths are not only adjustable components (saddle, windshield) and a dexterity that goes perfectly with the capabilities of the individual driver, but especially so smooth and linear outflow guarantees the power you need - at any time. Move quickly in the city is easy, thanks to accelerations that allow escape from the traffic in seconds. Fun in the mountains (even with the passenger and baggage) is comfortable and pleasant experience, and playing in driving sport is exhilarating.

The elegant styling of the CBF1000 expresses the strength of its typical large motorcycle Honda House - without emphasis. The fluidity of the areas highlights their aerodynamic efficiency, but the focus of this motion lies in the splendid new semicarenatura, whose size ensures a high wind protection (even at high speed) and excellent maneuverability.

The series adopts CBF engines already fitted to the traditionally sporty CBR / RR - and the new CBF1000 is no exception. The engine is in fact the same, powerful 4-cylinder in-line unit cooled to liquid formidable CBR1000RR Fireblade.

Of course, the engine tip on a pair vigorous and exciting data that can be used for maximum power. The compression ratio was, however, strengthened (from 11:1 to 11.2:1), improving both the maximum power (9 + hp) that the efficiency of the engine. The real issue is always the disbursement to medium speeds, the band most widely used. In fact, the engine speed rises quickly since the hand ... is at the bottom, allowing acceleration ... just great until the red line, making the motorbike a real pleasure.

The CBF1000 is available in four colors, including a rich and intense NIGHTSTAR Black Pearl, a Quasar Silver Metallic sophisticated, elegant Cool Pearl White Pearl Amber Yellow, and a really sporty. Besides the new logo CBF1000, all versions have the motor, protection and circles in black.

ST version with Combined ABS
The CBF1000ST (with Combined ABS as standard) combines the advantages of CBS (combined braking effectively divides the braking force between front and rear, an ever-flowing) to the security offered dall'ABS Honda, to achieve the best braking possible even in unexpected situations or extreme.