Our Love/Hate Relationship of Driving

In this day and age, the majority of people over seventeen are able to drive and many are lucky enough to have their own vehicles. However, not all of us will drive for the same reasons... Now, this may sound a little strange to begin with, but why not take a moment to think about it. Just how many years have you held your licence for? And do you still get as much enjoyment from being behind the wheel as you did when you had first passed your test?

In actual fact, there are different types of driving and different types of drivers. Some of us will love to go for a spin in our car (or van) whilst others simply dread making a long and boring journey. And this is nothing to do with the expense of keeping a vehicle either; we may all be legally required to have Road Tax, a valid MOT certificate and car/van insurance, but some of us will not mind having to pay for these at all. For those of us with a genuine passion for driving, these fees are worth every penny. And that is simply because the enjoyment factor of driving far outweighs the cost!

The two main types of driver are –

· Those who drive because they have to.

For some people, a vehicle is essential for getting to and from work; or they may even drive for a living!

This type of driver will often only view their vehicle as a necessary piece of machinery and, as a consequence, many of these people will no longer get any great pleasure from driving. These are the kind of drivers that you will hear complaining about the price of their car or van insurance...

However, this is a real shame. Driving is obviously meant to be useful, but it is also supposed to be fun!

· Those who drive because they enjoy it.

There are others (thankfully) who drive for the absolute joy of it! Even if they have to make the same old journey day in and day out, they will still get plenty of enjoyment simply from being behind the wheel!

The satisfying change of gears, the power beneath your right foot and the genuine pleasure of taking a tight corner ‘just right’; there are certainly plenty of reasons to enjoy going for a spin in your vehicle.

But the truth is that most of us will vary with how we feel about driving from one day to the next... Sometimes driving will be an absolute chore and on other occasions it can be fun, pleasurable and relaxing. It will all depend on where we are going, whether or not we are late and if we are looking forward to arriving at our actual destination! You could see it all as a bit of a ‘glass half full/glass half empty’ scenario... Our perception of the driving experience will have a very large effect on whether we actually get anything positive from it or not!

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