Modification of Motor Trend in Japan

Modification of Motor Trend in Japan

modification of the motor, the Japanese could not be underestimated

mata.Niko Fiandri of Motor Plus directly report MODIF skutik Rage

contest which took place in the National Custom Show in Sportline,

Osaka. Rage is the first carpet skutik contezt modifications in

Sakura's Affairs. According pemodifikator from Sigma Spyder Terada

Keiichi Osaka, interests MODIF decreased compared to the previous. The

cause, the direction of the manufacturer thus affecting consumers

MODIF. Specialist MODIF skutik 250 cc's estimate, three years ahead of

modification leading to environmentally friendly technology. "Most

likely to change the water combustion engine or electric motor to

make," says Terada of Matsuyamachi, Suji, Osaka. According to him, now

modified in Japan, especially for large CC skutik were again playing in

the body.