Ford Pick Up F-150 SVT Raptor

Ford Pick Up F-150 SVT RaptorFord Motor Company (FMC) to do a custom pick-up F-150 Raptor SVT. Cars for extreme off road terrain that was newly launched 2009 and then, but now manufacturers from Detroit, Michigan, United States announces it has done serangkian changes.
As proclaimed, Friday (3 / 9), the Ford pickup to replace the standard engine with 6200 cc V8 engine newer generation. Previously, engine F-150 Raptor SVT capacity of 5400 cc V8. Indeed, Ford also produces pick-up was with 6200 cc V8 engine, but it was nothing more than optional.

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"Another difference this new type of engine has more power 91, even though the same capacity of 6200 cc V8," said a press release FMC.

Ford claims, brand-new engine power was much greater even though the same capacity of 6200 cc. The new machine capable of spraying power up to 411 horsepower. While the 6200 cc engine producing power generation before only 320 horsepower.

"But, certainly, now 5400 cc engine has been replaced with a 6200 cc V8 engine brand-new type," said the manufacturer.

Another big change is this pickup is, the addition SuperCrew cab. As a result, in the rear seat increased, so anything with the door. Addition of cabin space thanks to the addition of a car length to 12 inches, or about 304.8 millimeters (mm).

Ford Pick Up F-150 SVT RaptorWith the addition of length, width changed. Now the new generation F-150 was 177.4 mm wider than the previous generation. Changes also occur in the interior. Audio device with 4.2 inch LCD screen becomes a standard feature.
Only, until now FMC has not given an official explanation particulars price. As ancar-ancar, dibanderol previous generations of U.S. $ 41.995 or approximately USD 381.74 million. Manufacturing is only mentioned, newer pickup was introduced to the market in late 2010.