Lotus Elite 2014 New Car 2+2 GT Concept Design

The 2014 Lotus Elite new car design concept model marks the return of the car maker brand to the premium GT automobile market niche, left in 2004 when the Esprit went out of vehicle production. The futuristic metallic 2014 Lotus Elite aerodynamic body exterior design front end has a shark-inspired design through an arrow-shaped hood; large air intakes included in the spoiler and elongated headlights with carbon trimmed surroundings. The aluminum blades placed behind the front wheels are reminiscent of shark gills.
A 2014 Lotus Elite large carbon diffuser which integrates the trapezoidal pipe exhausts. Cool car design concept with elegant and comfort interior design. Seen from the top, the Elite showcases several distinctive elements: the large glass surface that integrates the windshield, the innovative car roof and the rear window, the car air outlets positioned behind the headlights and the wing shaped rear view cameras that replace the conventional side mirrors. The 2014 Lotus Elite will be powered by a front- mid positioned 5.0 liter V8 engine delivering up to 620 PS.